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“She woke up one day and threw away all of her excuses.” – Unknown






Healthy living and balancing mind, body, soul wellness has been an integral part of Nicole’s life since she was very young. She comes from a lineage of healers, most recently her grandfather A.S. ‘Doc’ Wheelwright, who has contributed greatly to today’s alternative medicine model. Coming from a home that utilized herbal remedies and natural healing methods as the first line of defense, at age 7, Nicole quickly started to learn about balancing alternative healing methods along with allopathic medicine, for the greatest benefit, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and embarked on what became a 20 year journey of illness and healing, ultimately resulting in her passing. Throughout those 20 years, Nicole was exposed to a plethora of healing modalities and therapeutic approaches. She also gained a deep love of the outdoors and embodied movement and made it part of her everyday routine, as she grew up as a swimming competitively, dancing and spending her winters on the snow either skiing or snowboarding. It was also during this time that she discovered her love of art and photography and began to experience its therapeutic effects.

For the past 9 years, Nicole has acted as the Vice President of Education at Systemic Formulas, Inc., her family’s professional line nutritional supplement company; overseeing all practitioner training events, materials, and spearheading communication with experts in the nutritional and wellness industry. Through this position, she has stayed on the cutting-edge of nutrition and wellness information and research.

Prior to her work with Systemic Formulas, Nicole earned a Masters degree in Art Therapy, where she created multimodal expressive therapies for people experiencing the effects of cancer, people with disabilities, and youth-at-risk. Her therapeutic skill set allowed her to assist clients with a variety of emotional issues while dealing with a multitude of diseases. She also managed 2 different yoga studios, created her own natural bodycare product line, Neekae’ Spa, and acquired Instructor Certifications in yoga, snowboarding, spinning, and rock climbing, and became a ropes course facilitator, all of which lead her to develop a multitude of integrative therapies for clients.

Most recently, with deep knowledge in the areas of alternative healing, natural health, and education, Nicole decided to tie all of her training and knowledge into one tidy package and become a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 3) and Exercise Coach from the esteemed CHEK Institute. She started her own business, Evolve Eden Wellness Studio, to guide her clients to their ultimate wellness, so they can live their dreams fulfilled. She incorporates customized integrative & holistic lifestyle, exercise and nutrition programming with relaxation, art, and outdoor play! Nicole embodies her companies motto and invites her clients to: Come with me, open your heart, release your body, ease your mind, free your soul, follow your bliss, spread your wings and fly!

Nicole received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography with triple minors in Community Arts, Business Administration, and Outdoor Education from the University of Oregon; and a Masters of Science in Art Therapy from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI where she received a Collegiate All-American Scholar Award and performed collaborative movement art shows at a variety of professional conferences. She happily resides in the mountains of Eden, Utah, still enjoys skiing and snowboarding, and is an avid standup paddleboarder, yogini, trail runner and hiker (she usually goes with her 3 pups, and sometimes her awesome husband), and loves creating beautiful artwork with her hands!

My desire is to be gently and tenderly used up at the end of my days, through bettering the planet and all beings on it by: living fully with love and passion and helping souls heal along the way with an integrative holistic approach! I will help you dive deep into your authentic self by creating a clearing and a step-by-step path for you, so you can achieve your soul’s purpose and live YOUR dreams with love and passion!


CERTIFICATIONS, TRAININGS & EXPERIENCE (starting with most recent):

Vice President of Education – Systemic Formulas Nutritional Supplements
Personal Story Power Mastermind VIP – Bo Eason
Smart Success Business Academy & Marketing Impact Academy Member – Team Johnson (Chalene & Bret Johnson)
Certified Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach – CHEK Institute
Certified Exercise Coach – CHEK Institute
Forum, Advanced Course, SELP (Self Expression Leadership Program), SELP Coach – Landmark Education
Certified Snowboarding Instructor – Professional Ski Instructor Association
Masters of Science in Art Therapy – Mount Mary College
Certified Spin Instructor – Johhny G Spinning
Certified Yoga Instructor – 200+ HR ‘Feel Your Best Yoga’ Program
Various Yoga Teacher Trainings with Seane Corn, Shiva Rae, Jonny Kest, Bryan Kest, Paul Grilley, Dana Baptiste, Baron Baptiste, and more
Creator of Natural Bodycare Products – Neekae’ Spa
Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography – University of Oregon
Certified Outdoor Education Leadership Training Program & Ropes Course Facilitator – University of Oregon



Evolve Eden Wellness Studio is a unique studio nestled in the beautiful mountains of Eden, Utah. You will be greeted with a cup of tea or a smoothie to help you settle in before getting to work. Nicole works with clients from a Dream-Centered Approach putting Self.Love at the core! She integrates a multi-modality holistic approach to achieve the greatest healing results and each session is designed to be a retreat for your soul! The Studio is welcoming for safe, deep work, creative sparks, and mindful movement. Depending on the season, you will be enchanted by chimes singing in the breeze while watching hummingbirds feed or as snow gently falls. The Gym is ready for sweat with a Water Rower, Incline Trainer, Spin bike, BOSU Ball, Swiss Balls, free weights, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, resistance bands, and more. The Relaxation Room is equipped to take you blissfully way with an infrared sauna and Migun massage bed. Numerous mountain trails are right out the back door and Pineview Reservoir is minutes away, making the addition of nature to any wellness approach very simple. Your session will end with a healthy, yummy treat in the kitchen and sometimes a natural bodycare goodie to try at home!


To provide holistic wellness & exercise coaching that helps bridge the gap between alternative and allopathic medicines; bringing the best of each collaboratively together via time-honored and scientifically based practices and techniques, so people can achieve complete healing, fulfilling their dreams and attain their true authentic self: MIND, BODY, and SOUL!


To treat people with love, compassion, honesty, tenderness and acceptance.
To provide a professional space that embodies support, safety, fun, joy, and empowerment.
To live congruent these values by living in a healthy, wellness, holistic, and integrative oriented way.
Evolve Eden is a balanced, successful, sustainable, fulfilling, peaceful collaboration and a beautiful gift to the world!


  • I’m committed to helping you fulfill your dreams in your own authentic way!
  • I’m committed to showering you with undeniable love!
  • I’m committed to holding a safe space for your breakdowns so you can get to breakthroughs!
  • I’m committed to stand by you when the going gets dark & shine the light!
  • I’m committed to always stand for the BEST version of yourself!